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This article applies to: ML8

Cardinal Centinel eChecks

The software supports the Cardinal Centinel MyECheck Payment Method. For more details on this payment option, see http://www.cardinalcommerce.com/solutions/my_echeck.htm .

Configuring the Merchant Account

These steps are required to configure the notification URL in the Cardinal Commerce merchant administration:

1 - Log in to your Cardinal Merchant Administration
2 - Select Manage Profile
3 - Select Manage Payment Initiative Configuration
4 - Select Update Payment Initiative Configuration
5 - Select Configuration: MyECheck
6 - Click Enter
7 - For Status notification URL enter the fully qualified URL of your storefront's cardinalechecknotify.aspx

(i.e. http://www.example.com/cardinalechecknotify.aspx)

8 - Click Enter

Configuring the Storefront

1 - Go to Configuration → Advanced → AppConfig Parameters and set the StoreCCInDB AppConfig to true. This must be enabled for eChecks to work properly.

2 - Set the values for these storefront App Config Parameters to the values provided by Cardinal:



1. Go to Configuration → Site Configuration Wizard.
2. In the Payment Methods Accepted section, select "Cardinal Centinel MyECheck" and click Submit.

3. Edit the Topic CardinalMyECheckPageHeader to have the appropriate customer acceptance terms required by your MyECheck account.
4. Go to Configuration → Advanced → AppConfig Parameters and set “CardinalCommerce.Centinel.IsLive” Appconfig value to false.

5. Test checkout for proper operation.
6. To go live, set the “CardinalCommerce.Centinel.IsLive” Appconfig value to true.


By default, when new orders are placed they will be in the Pending state until the store Admin marks the order as Captured. If desired (and if your agreement with MyECheck allows it), you can set CardinalCommerce.Centinel.MyECheckMarkAsCaptured to true, which will automatically mark new orders as captured.