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This article applies to: ML8

Shipping Zones

From Configuration Menu, click Shipping → Shipping Zones

Zone-based shipping methods calculate shipping costs based on the zip code that the customer registered with. On this page, store admins can create the zip code ranges they want to specify prices for, or modify/delete existing ranges. These can be large ranges that cover a large portion of the country, or individual zip codes, whatever is necessary for the site's shipping model.

NOTE: Zone-based shipping is for US orders only! For shipping purposes, the software can only handle numeric zip codes and is not suitable for most overseas zip code formats.

Adding a Zone

To create a new zone, click the 'Add New Shipping Zone' button and fill in a name for the zone and the zip code range. Keep the following things in mind for your zip codes:

- By default the software only uses the first 3 digits of each zip code when performing its matching, so do not enter full zip codes. This can be changed with the ZipCodePrefixLength AppConfig if necessary.
- Do not put spaces between zones or zone ranges, just commas and hypens. EX: 123,456,789-321
- Do not leave any trailing commas at the end of your zip code lists