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This article applies to: MultiStore

FedEx Shipping Manager

The software can integrate with FedEx Ship Manager to make shipping and printing of shipping labels much easier.


- To install, download the FedEx Ship Manager software

- After the installation, the next step is mapping the FedEx fields to ASPDNSF table fields

NOTE: For Version and below, map the FedEx fields to SM_FEDEX table, and SHIPPINGIMPORTEXPORT table for Version to latest.

- Go to the Integration tab at the top of the FedEx Ship Manager Software home screen and begin integrating your shipping information by selecting the FedEx Integration Assistant, a step-by-step wizard. It will guide you through the rest of the integration process. For more help please refer to the FedEx Ship Manager User Guide

- Need professional help? Contact your FedEx account executive to arrange for a customized integration solution – FedEx Integrator – for your unique data system. FedEx customer technology consultants will come to you, and provide continuing support.

- Once you’ve successfully mapped all the required fields, go to the admin site → AppConfig parameters and set FedexShipManager.Enabled = true. That’s all it takes for the integration.

Exporting Order to FedEx Ship Manager for Shipping

From the Orders Menu, click View/Manage Orders. Then select an Order, and then click the button “Send To FedexShipManager”. This will send the order information to ShippingImportExport Table. You will now be able to lookup the orders using the FedEx Ship Manager software.

For help on Order Lookup, please refer to the FedEx Ship Manager User Guide

Tracking an Order after Shipping

- The FedEx Ship Manager software will receive shipping tracking number and will be exported to ASPDNSF ShippingImportExport table.

- You need to go back again to Orders Menu → View/Manage Orders and view the Order That Has Been Shipped so that the order will be Mark as Shipped and the order tracking information will be updated in the Orders table.

- The admin user will also be able to see the link in the Order management page and in Customer Account page for customers that will redirect to FedEx tracking web page.