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This article applies to: ML8

Edit States/Provinces

From the Configuration Menu, click Taxes → Edit States/Provinces

On this page, store admins can set up tax rates based on the state/province the customer registers with. Taxes can also be based on the country or the zip code customers specify.

NOTE: If multiple levels of taxes are set up (ie state and zip code), the customer will be charged the cumulative amount.

To change the tax rates for a state, click the Edit button next to the line you wish to edit, enter the desired values for each column, and click Update to save the changes.

Adding a State/Province

The store comes preloaded with the US and Canadian states/provinces. More states can be added, by clicking the 'Add New' button.

NOTE: The list of states on this page is what is used to generate the state dropdown menus customers see when creating addresses on the front end. If you need a new state to appear there, add it here. If you want to remove states from those menus, delete them from this page.

Field NameDescription
State/ProvinceThis is the name of the new addition. This will appear in full to customers in the dropdown menu during address creation
AbbreviationThis shortened (2-digit) value will appear on receipts.
CountryThis is the country you wish to link the state to. The state will only appear during address creation if the customer choose the matching country.
Display OrderThe order in which the state appears in the dropdown menu. If this is left to 1 for all states, they will be listed alphabetically.
Tax ShippingIf this is set to yes, shipping on orders to this state will be taxes according to the rate set.