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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

License Keys

This page covers versions 7x, 8x up to, and 9x up to For later versions of the software, please see this page.

Every site needs to have a license key in place, or a nag message will display at the bottom of the site and several features will be disabled:

The licensing check is based on the address that customers hit the site at. If a customer goes to www.someshop.com, the software will verify that the license file installed on the site is for www.someshop.com. If the URL displayed in the address bar doesn't match the URL in that license key (for example is www.someothershop.com, an IP address, etc) the 'unlicensed' message will be displayed.

Each license is allowed 3 keys: 1 for development, 1 for staging, and 1 for production. These keys can each only be generated once, so be very sure which domain name/IP address you wish to use for each before doing so!

Directions for generating and installing the key files are given below. A few things to keep in mind are:

- Be sure that the version you are generating the key for is the version you downloaded
- The key file needs to be for your domain, subfolders are not required (eg www.domain.com/shop would only need a license for www.domain.com)
- Your site will be licensed both with 'www' and without, as the 'www' is stripped off before the comparison is made.

Generating a Key

1 - Log into http://www.aspdotnetstorefront.com/license with the account that was used for your original purchase.

2 - Click one of the 'Create' links, next to whichever type of key you wish to generate.

3 - Fill in the domain name in the 2 fields, and verify that the Version dropdown menu is set for the version of the software you're creating a key for.

4 - You will be prompted to verify the correct domain name was entered. If it is correct, click "Create License File." If not, click "Back to Licenses Page" and start the process again.

Installing the Key

Once the key is generated, you'll be back on the main Licenses page. You must now download the file and install it on your site. To do this:

1 - Click the 'Retrieve' link next to the license key you just generated. You will be prompted to save the file on your local machine.

2 - Use FTP or Windows Explorer to copy the file to where the software is installed. The license file must go in the {root}/images folder. Be sure to keep the .licx extension intact, the rest of the filename can be modified if necessary.

3 - Verify that the .NET user account (typically ASPNET for WindowsXP or NETWORK SERVICE for Windows Server 2003/Vista or IIS_IUSRS for Windows Server 2008/Windows7) has Read/Write/Modify access to the \Images folder AND the \Addins (through version

4 - Set your Configuration - Store Maintenance - Domains URL entries for the stores as they MUST have the valid URLs for the license entered there too.

5 - RESET CACHE in the Admin console. Older versions may require restarting the site through IIS or your host's control panel, or by 'touching' the web.config file.


If you have followed all of the steps above and continue to see the unlicensed message, or see the unlicensed message again after the site has been running licensed for some time, check the following things:

  • First and foremost, verify that your site is only being accessed at the domain(s) it is licensed for. IP addresses, domain aliases (that aren't licensed), etc should not be used. If necessary, most hosts are able to track how requests to your site are made, to help narrow down how your site is being accessed incorrectly.
  • Ensure that the user account your site is running under has the proper permissions to the {root}/images folder on your site, as described in step 3 above. Your host can verify this for you if you don't have access to do so.
  • Verify that you only have a single .licx file in the {root}/images folder on your site.
  • Ensure that the license file is named properly. The file extension must be .licx.
  • Ensure that your Configuration - Store Maintenance - Domains URL entries for the stores have the valid URLs for the license entered there too.
If you continue to have license issues, follow this process:
  1. Delete all *.licx files in the site's \Images folder (be sure not to remove any other file types such as .lic)
  2. FTP/Install the current license file in the site's \Images folder (retrieve from the license portal HERE )
  3. Reset Cache in the admin console
  4. If the unlicensed message is still displaying, go to the Help - About menu and review the license information
  5. Take corrective action if possible (file permissions, wrong license, etc)
  6. If unable to rectify the situation, contact us in support with a screen shot of the information from Help - About (be sure to include the address bar showing the accessed URL)