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Demo Data for

Installing Demo Data

As of version we have removed the 'demo data' that used to ship pre-installed with the software. This demo data consisted of product images in the /Images/Product and /Images/Variant folders. The database setup for the demo data was optional, containing Customers, Entities, Products, Shipping Methods, etc.

If you desire to install the demo data for your storefront (for testing), follow the steps below. Typically demo data should only be installed on a 'demo' site where you do not intend to develop modifications and add products with the idea of going to production. This will eliminate the need to remove the demo data from a production site, which can be potentially difficult.

Step 1:

Download and Save the demo data package HERE

Step 2:

Extract the files (db and web folders). Copy the /images folder from the web folder into your demo site's {root} (web) folder, and choose YES to merge the /images folders, and subsequent requests.

Step 3:

Access the demo site database using SQL Server Management Studio, and Execute one of the demo data files from the download /db folder ("Install Demo Website Data.sql" for the full set or "Install Express Demo Website Data.sql" for an abbreviated set of data).