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Design Refactoring

The new "Skin1" (default skin) has desaturated colors to work alongside almost any logo/palette. In all front-end controls, .aspx pages, and XML packages, we have:
  • removed inline styles, wherever appropriate.
  • removed all layout tables (leaving just data tables).
  • implemented divs for formatting.
  • removed redundant IDs and replaced them with CSS classes.
  • implemented a consistent pattern of HTML and CSS.
  • replaced class names with a consistent naming convention (lower case and hyphens).
  • We have implemented a responsive (Bootstrap) skin out-of-box.(Skin3)
  • Every page has an H1 tag, giving emphasis to the most important phrase. Every shopping page, every shoppingcart page, every checkout page has an H1 tag.
  • Every relevant page has a selected, primary "popping" Call-To-Action button. All buttons use CSS3.
  • There are now two out-of-box style sheets - base.css (new, global) and style.css (skin-specific).
  • The HTML and server controls which remain in core code now have CSS classes throughout their markup to allow them to be styled more easily.
  • The traditional image headers (for tab names etc) have been replaced with CSS and string resources, making it easy to change content.
  • Every form on the store has consistent class names, making it easy to style forms throughout the site. Forms work beautifully on responsive skin, too.
  • CSS3 is now used - particularly on all buttons, and with media queries in use on the natively responsive skin.
  • The progress bar has been removed from the multipage checkout and replaced with a CSS-managed control, with inbuilt logic to detect which page is active.
  • Bill Me Later can lead to a dramatic uplift in sales - inbuilt banners help store-owners to advertise the feature .

Smart One Page Checkout (SOPC)

  • SOPC now displays 'inc vat' or 'ex vat' next to shipping rates when VAT is enabled
  • Customers who select 'Ok to email' during SOPC checkout will now be subscribed to the site newsletter automatically
  • We updated SOPC to better handle billing addresses for purchases that don't require shipping addresses
  • It was possible that the SOPC that could leave customers without a 'Place Order' button if the JS validator didn't recognize their card number format ... but not any more!
  • We improved javascript issues with SOPC in IE8 and Safari
  • We added an option to allow checkout through SOPC to continue even if the cart contents exceed the maximum weight allowed by realtime carriers
  • SOPC no longer leaves an unneeded 'Next' button on the page during checkout
  • SOPC will now alert customers when their shipping cost changes due to changes in cart contents
  • We updated SOPC to better handle saving information that has already been entered when changing steps or options, leaving the page and returning, etc
  • We improved the credit card number formatter and card type detection in SOPC
  • SOPC now honors the DisallowShippingToPOBoxes AppConfig
  • SOPC will now display the proper state choices for each country

Payment Gateways

  • BillMeLater banners were implemented in 9.4.1, allowing store-owners to fully advertise this service
  • We updated the Sage Payments integration to include CVV in transaction requests
  • PayFlowPro and PayPal Express now support PayPal's address verification service

Tidying Up

  • The DisallowCoupons AppConfig has been deprecated and replaced by settings to enable/disable gift cards and promotions separately
  • We standardized the email validation site wide and updated it to accept short domains like q.com
  • Promotion callouts on product and entity pages now filter out expired promos
  • We tidied up zip code formatting for addresses corrected by the USPS address validation service
  • We changed the Order Management page in the admin console so that it filters by 'Credit Card' payment type
  • Admin minimum password requirements will now be enforced even on front-end account and signin pages
  • Size/Color price modifiers now "play nicely" in locales that use commas for decimals
  • The discontinued Google Checkout service has been removed from the software
  • We once more updated the sample Excel import spreadsheet to reflect new fields available on the import
  • We removed all remaining code references to the deprecated Pack functionality
  • We improved performance and functionality on the admin Configuration Wizard page
  • We consolidated jQuery versions and references in the admin console
  • We removed the default 'Call to Action' text on new promotions
  • Promotion callouts on product and entity pages now honor email address restrictions on promotions
  • We added AppConfigs to allow specifying the XML packages used on search.aspx and searchadv.aspx
  • We standardized the way that 'nopicture.gif' image URL is generated
  • The product.variantsingrid.xml.config XML package now honors the 'Hide Price Until Cart' setting
  • 'Show Infrequently Used Topics' is now checked by default in the admin topic editor so all topics are shown
  • Size and Color attribute names now support non-Latin characters

Avalara Tax Services

  • We added Avalara's address validation service as an option for validating addresses during registration. Store administrators can now decide whether or not addresses that Avalara recognizes are allowed through checkout.

Environmental issues

  • We added a new VS solution file to source releases that uses IIS Express

Mobile Commerce

  • We updated the mobile device detection to not trigger the mobile skin on newer Mac desktop machines
  • The mobilewishlist.aspx page has been updated to use the same wishlist control as the desktop page