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This article applies to: MultiStore

Mixed Content in admin causing issues with phone order entry

Phone Order Entry in Chrome 21+ browser has a blank window after impersonating a customer, or clicking links in the impersonated store does nothing in Firefox 23+ browser, or the window may be missing styling and images in Internet Explorer 9+.

This is caused by how the browsers are handling mixed content, because the iframe loaded for phone order entry is not secure (HTTP) while the rest of the admin page is (HTTPS). Chrome started enforcing this in version 21. Internet Explorer is gradually stepping up its security in this area, and Firefox just started behaving differently in version 23.

Allow mixed content for the site (see THIS ARTICLE to understand mixed content):

Chrome - In the address bar at the right end should be a 'shield' icon, you can click on that to run mixed content.

Firefox - In the address bar at the left end should be a 'shield' icon (or similar if custom theme is used), you can click on that to run mixed content.

Internet Explorer - Click the option to allow the mixed content when you are presented a warning. You can disable the warnings by:

a) Go to Tools (10) or the gear icon (9) select Internet Options

b) In Internet Options window, click on Security Tab

c) Select Internet Zone and Click on Custom Level

d) In Security Settings-Internet Zone window, select Miscellaneous

e) Under Miscellaneous, Enable the option which states”Display mixed content”, OK and Apply