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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Invalid Value for encryptedTicket parameter in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

After adding products to the cart in IE11 or attempting to login the user gets a server application error: "Invalid value for 'encryptedTicket' parameter"

By default, ASP.NET uses sniffing technology for the user agent string to detect browsers. The browser definition files cover a certain range of browser versions. However, as the version numbers increase, ASP.NET might not recognize new versions of a browser by using the user agent string. In this case, ASP.NET might handle these versions as an unknown browser. As a consequence, a central function such as __doPostBack() is not emitted properly by ASP.NET for IE11, and every component relying on a post back do not work, such as asp:LinkButton and everything using AutoPostBack.

The following procedure must be performed to update the .NET and browser definition files:
  1. Install the hotfixes to update .NET 4 and 3.5SP1:

    .NET 4.0 HOTFIX

    .NET 3.5SP1 HOTFIX

  2. Add THIS FILE to the App_Browsers directory in the storefront software (ie11.browser)
  3. Modify one of the other existing .browser files in that folder (such as BlackBerry.browser) to trigger the compiler to rebuild them all (open in text editor, add something, delete it and save, FTP up to site)
  4. Restart IIS