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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Character Limit on RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent

In AspDotNetStorefront MSx versions 9.3 and earlier, there is a 1000 character limit on the AppConfig: RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent. If you are using multiple real time shipping rate carriers (including USPS), the character limit may not be long enough to accommodate all shipping methods you'd like to prevent from showing on your store.

  1. First, review the value in AppConfig: RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent. Shipping carriers often change the names of their shipping methods, introduce new methods, and retire old methods. You may have a shipping method value in this AppConfig that is no longer available using Real Time Rates. You can clear this AppConfig value, and test your checkout to see a full, current list of available rates returned by USPS, UPS, and/or FedEx. Then, adjust your RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent AppConfig value as needed.
  2. For USPS: In addition to RTShipping.ShippingMethodsToPrevent, use the AppConfig RTShipping.USPS.Services value to define which USPS services should show at checkout. Available USPS services include: Express,Priority,Parcel,Library,Media.