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MSx is a point release for the cart to address a few major issues, primarily with the Smart One Page Checkout. This release is only available to MSx 9.3 license holders with Update Rights that are valid through or beyond 1/4/2013, and can then be downloaded from the Software Downloads tab in the license portal.

NOTE: This point release is valid for existing MSx9.3.1.0 sites ONLY, and is NOT a full release!

Release Summary

3D Secure/Verified By Visa and Checkout by Amazon are now supported by Smart One Page Checkout. Both have the potential to increase your conversion rate. 3D Secure/Verified By Visa adds an additional level of protection to the payment process, reassuring the purchaser that their transaction is secure and allowing them to buy with confidence. Checkout by Amazon allows a purchaser to use their Amazon account, something virtually all on-line shoppers have established, to buy from your store. The additional convenience and security offered by Checkout by Amazon increases the likelihood of the purchase being completed and relieves you, the store owner, of handling the sensitive customer information.

All Fixes

  • 3D Secure/Verified By Visa is now supported in Smart One Page Checkout for all gateways that support 3D Secure/Verified By Visa.
  • Checkout by Amazon is now fully supported by Smart One Page Checkout.
  • Double-clicking the Place Order button in Smart One Page Checkout no longer risks an error.
  • The AppConfig, Vortx.OnePageCheckout.AddressLocale, can be set to UK for address fields without causing errors in SOPC.
  • New promotions save properly in VB codebase versions

Installation Instructions

To upgrade to, follow these instructions.