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This article applies to: MultiStore

MSx9.3.1.1 Point Release Installation Guide

This guide covers the installation of the MSx9.3.1.1 Point Release.

This point release is valid for existing MSx9.3.1.0 sites ONLY, and is NOT a full release! If you require this point release but are running a version previous to, you will need to upgrade the site properly to before this point release can be applied. View the Release Notes.

This point release addresses these items:
1) Promotions: New promos save properly in VB codebase versions
2) Smart OPC: Verified By Visa/3D Secure functions as expected
3) Smart OPC: Checkout By Amazon (CBA) functions correctly in SOPC
4) Smart OPC: "Place Order" button cannot be double-clicked
5) Smart OPC: The AppConfig: Vortx.OnePageCheckout.AddressLocale can be set to UK for address fields

This guide consists of four sections:
1) Pre-install Procedures
2) Updating Site Files
3) Running Update Script
4) Confirm Installation

Pre-installation Procedures

IMPORTANT: Before installing MSx9.3.1.1, backup your site files and database to ensure you can restore your site if something goes wrong. Seek assistance from your server host/administrator as needed.

Update Site Files

NOTE: This Point Release contains changes to compiled code (DLLs) and site files so each site's developer/designer should review the files being changed so any customizations can be merged in if necessary. If merging is necessary and the files cannot be simply overwritten with the files, then it is HIGHLY recommended this update be performed on a staged site and fully tested before replacing a live site.

These instructions are for non-source installs. Your developer will need to merge and compile the code for sites utilizing source code. The VB codebase version does not contain all compiled DLLs and will require merging the source code with the source code and recompiling and deploying the binary files.

1 – Extract the MSx9.3.1.1 files to your computer.

2 - Copy the contents of the Web folder from where you extracted them.

3 – Paste / FTP the files to your site's Web (root) folder, overwriting your current site files.

Running Update Script

Run the “Update 9.0 to Latest.sql” script found in the extracted db folder against your database:

1 – Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and log in with the credentials given to you by your system administrator or host.

2 – Highlight your database and press CTRL-O on the keyboard.

3 – Navigate to the extracted db folder, select “Update 9.0 to Admin.sql”, and click Open.

4 – Click the Execute button.

5 – Verify that the script ran with no errors.

Confirm Installation

After installation, you can confirm that your site is running the newly applied point release by navigating to the admin home page of your site and checking the version information in the left bar which should read Version(Code/DB):