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Bongo Checkout and International Shipping

These instructions are for DotFeed.com customers, not Integrated DotFeed customers. To use Bongo, you must have already set up your DotFeed account.

In order to start using Bongo to checkout your new international customers, review all three sections of these instructions:

  1. Registering Your Bongo Merchant Account
  2. Verifying Your Bongo Merchant Account
  3. Connecting DotFeed.com to Bongo
  4. 1. Registering Your Bongo Merchant Account

    Start by setting up a merchant account at the Bongo website.
    1. Sign up for your account at Bongo International. Fill in information under the section called "Get My Address."
    2. Register a Business Account which requires a $35 monthly subscription.
    3. Enter your contact information. Remember that your address cannot be a post office box.
    4. Enter your financial information.
    5. You have now created your Bongo account.

    2. Verifying Your Bongo Merchant Account

    1. Sign in to your Bongo Merchant Account here: https://bongous.com/checkout/checkout-demo.php
    2. Follow the instructions in this online video to understand the verification process which begins the first time you log in to your Bongo Merchant Account.

      For Bongo Checkout Merchants, any high-risk customer from an international sale is sent a link to verify their payment method prior to purchase. https://bongous.com/pay/verify/

    3. Connecting DotFeed.com to Bongo

    In this section, you will need to:
    • Insert a Partner Key and a Checkout URL from Bongo into DotFeed
    • Insert a Callback URL from DotFeed into Bongo

    Inserting the Partner Key and Checkout URL into DotFeed

    1. Open your DotFeed account at http://manage.dotfeed.com on one tab of your internet browser and your Bongo Merchant account on another.
    2. Select the Payments Tab in your DotFeed Account. You must have already purchased Bongo to configure it in your account.
    3. In your Bongo account, select the API button and then the API Key which is just another name for the Partner Key.
    4. Copy the key and paste it into your DotFeed account in the Payments tab (see below). Also, check the Enable button.
    5. In your Bongo account, click the Checkout button and then select the Checkout Page from the menu.
    6. Copy and paste the Checkout URL into your DotFeed account.
    7. Review options on the Bongo Checkout page. We suggest leaving the other options on Default, unless you want to direct your Bongo customers to return to different Sales Page than the one they left.
    8. Finally, in DotFeed on the Payments tab, click Send Products to Bongo. You have now connected Bongo to your DotFeed.com account.
    Inserting the Callback URL into Bongo

    1. In your DotFeed account, go to the Payments tab. The Callback URL is located in the Bongo section on this page. Copy the entire URL.

    2. Go to your Bongo Account and navigate to Bongo Checkout>Implementation>Step 3: Orders>HTTP Notification. Paste the Callback URL as shown in the image below.

    3. Select Activate Service and then click Save/Update before leaving this screen.

Processing your international orders

When Bongo processes orders for you, each one will result in an email to you, notifying you of a successfully processed sale. You can also see your international orders in your Bongo portal.

You will need to ship the order to the Bongo warehouse of your choice and then immediately log in to your Bongo portal and import your tracking codes. There is a really great video showing you how to do so in your Bongo portal.

Learning more about Bongo