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This article applies to: MultiStore

Promotions error: Discount Shipping requires a discount amount to be specified

When attempting to add or edit a Promotion in the Configuration - Pricing and Promotions - Promotions editor, the Discount Shipping options are not available, and the error message is displayed when Save is attempted:

Discount Shipping requires a discount amount to be specified.

This is due to the AppConfig: AllowMultipleShippingAddressPerOrder being set to TRUE (or the AppConfig: ShowGiftRegistryButtons set to TRUE which automatically enables AllowMultipleShippingAddressPerOrder functionality).

Set the AppConfigs: ShowGiftRegistryButtons and AllowMultipleShippingAddressPerOrder to FALSE and work your promotions editor. If the Gift Registry / AllowMultipleShippingAddressPerOrder is intended to be enabled, be sure to set it back to TRUE when you have completed your promotions editing.