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This article applies to: MultiStore

Low Stock Warning

Starting in version 9.3, AspDotNetStorefront supports automated low stock notifications for admin users.

Remember that inventory is not adjusted until an order is captured. If your TransactionMode is set to 'AUTH' only, the notifications will not fire until the order is captured.

Enabling notifications

To turn on this new feature, set the following 3 AppConfigs as desired:

  • SendLowStockWarnings - If true, store admins will be sent a notification when an order drops below the value set in the SendLowStockWarningsThreshold. The email is sent to the address specified in the GotOrderEmailTo AppConfig.
  • SendLowStockWarningsThreshold - This value determines when low stock notifications will be sent. When capturing an order takes a products' inventory below this level, the admin will be notified.
  • ShowAdminLowStockAudit - If true, a grid showing the products that are currently below the level set in SendLowStockWarningsThreshold will be displayed on the admin home page. Note that if you have many products in low stock, this can slow down the admin home page loading.