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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore


eChecks are available in the checkout when used with one of the following Payment Gateways: Authorize.net, eProcessingNetwork, and ITransact.
The eCheck option must be enabled in the payment gateway account setup as well as the cart.
  1. To use "eCheck" as a payment method, in the admin site go to Configuration → Site Configuration Wizard and check the box beside "E-Checks through supported gateway".

    NOTE: Another way is by manually selecting ECheck in the PaymentMethods AppConfig.

  2. Next set the AppConfig: StoreCCInDB to TRUE

  3. It will then be shown in the Payment Info page as one of the payment methods:

  4. Once the required information is filled in, it will be processed similar to a Credit Card transaction. Note that Ad-Hoc Charge/Refund is not available on eCheck orders.

NOTE: Smart One Page Checkout supports eCheck payment method only in version 9400+