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This article applies to: MultiStore

Restricting admin users to certain tasks in MultiStore (custom admin permissions)

It may be beneficial for some stores to restrict certain admin menus for specific admin users. This can be accomplished for the MultiStore per the instructions below.

NOTE: For ML8 editions, follow the instructions in this KB Article.

Following these instructions can effectively limit the menus available to specific Admin Users:

  1. Go to {root}/admin/controls folder and duplicate the files: AdminMenu.ascx and AdminMenu.ascx.cs adding a 2 for the new name:

  2. Open the new files and change these lines accordingly:

  3. AdminMenu2.ascx :

    AdminMenu2.ascx.cs :

  4. In your AdminMenu2.ascx.cs , comment out the appropriate lines below (e.g. Orders, Products, etc.) if you want to hide certain top level menus to Admin Users, using a double forward slash //

  5. To hide specific sub-menus underneath the main menus, follow this procedure:

  6. a) Go to the GetChildMenuItems(MenuItem Parent) method and comment out the desired lines, using a forward slash and asterisk /* and close with an asterisk forward slash */

    For example, if you wish to lockout the Recurring Orders Submenu:

  7. Once your modifications are saved, in the Admin Console go to Customers -> View/Edit Customers and Users, then select the Admin User you wish to apply these restrictions to. In the “Notes” field on the customer profile frame, specify the AdminMenu2.ascx file and “Update Customer”.

  8. Reset Cache in the Admin Console.

  9. Now your Admin User will no longer have the restricted menus available. Note that they can still access the restricted functions by explicitly calling up the page URL, which can come in handy if you require someone to access a normally restricted function.

    You can create as many Admin Menus as you wish, but are required to create them sequentially, starting with AdminMenu2, then AdminMenu3 and so on.