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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

How do I limit the Zip Code to only accept 5 digits?

It may be necessary for some stores to limit the entry for the Zip Code to the first 5 digits (not allow +four code) usually for tax purposes.

Follow this procedure to remove the Regex for the plus four code in the United States Zip Code format:

  1. Go to Configuration - Taxes - Edit Countries
  2. Edit the United States entry, removing the following code from the *Postal Code Regex:

  3. (-\d{4})?

  4. Edit the *Postal Code Example: to remove the plus four option, and Update the United States entry.

NOTE: Using the USPS Address Verification tool may override this setting, replacing the 5 digit code with the plus four. If you require the plus four to be removed, be sure to disable the USPS service.