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Version adds several exciting new features:


USPS MaxWeight defaults to 70, their actual weight limit.

The FedEx integration now properly indicates the Residential or Commercial address type on rate requests, allowing for the 'FedEx Home Delivery' shipping option.

Package dimensions are rounded properly before sending FedEx realtime shipping rate requests.

VB-specific issues with the integration with FedEx's new realtime rates service have been resolved.

Performance and Security

Licensing now caches per URL.

The 'Continue Shopping' link on the shopping cart and wishlist pages will now properly allow the site to stay in HTTPS mode on all pages (if desired).


Google Checkout has been brought up to date with current domestic and international real time shipping functionality.

The frequency of change for the Google Product Search (Shopping) feed is now too great to be supported within core code. The feature has not been removed but support is deprecated in favor of an AspDotNetStorefront extension which is now available for subscription and which will offer a console to subscribers in time for the substantial update imposed by Google on September 22nd.

Types of Payment

Quite a bit has changed in the area of payment gateways in ML We are constantly working to reinforce our insistence upon PCI compliance, and we seek out gateways which take security particularly seriously. We have deprecated a number of gateways in this release. This is not necessarily a reflection of their quality, and many of these will return once we have established their fitness for the purpose.

The following gateways are no longer included in our code:

  • Central Payments
  • ECX QuickCommerce
  • iATS TicketMaster
  • viaKLIX
  • YourPay
  • LinkPoint
  • EFSNet
  • Cardia Services

The following gateway integrations have been updated:

  • Skipjack
  • Payment Express
  • Cybersource
  • Sage Pay (UK)
  • HSBC
  • QBMS
  • Worldpay Business Gateway
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • PayPal PayFlowPro

In addition to these gateway changes, we also introduce a new form of payment: Skrill (Moneybookers) Quick Checkout


The admin console has been updated to resolve conflicts between the Telerik RAD editor and Firefox 6.

Kit option prices and the customized price now reflect VAT inclusive/exclusive settings.