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This article applies to: MultiStore

Setting Up The Site’s Meta Tag Information

I need to create the “meta” information for my pages to increase my SEO rank.

You can set the default values you want for the meta tags on your site by going to the Site Configuration Wizard and clicking the 'Configure SEO' link:

These values will be used on all pages, unless values specific to those pages exist.  Products, Categories, Manufacturers, Departments, and Topics all have their own Search Engine attributes that, if populated, will override the information in the AppConfigs above.

Note:  SEO ranking depends on many aspects of a site, and is not based solely on this meta information.  Search engines constantly change how they determine site ranks. ASPDNSF is not responsible for your site’s SEO rank, nor can we guarantee all search engines will index this information.  Please see any of the numerous resources online for further SEO information.