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This article applies to: MultiStore

Gift Registry

The gift registry feature allows customers to add items to a shareable cart - which they can provide links to - so that friends can purchase exactly what the customer wants.

Enabling the Gift Registry

To enable the gift registry, set the ShowGiftRegistryButtons AppConfig to true. You may also want to adjust the following AppConfigs:

AppConfig NameDescription
AllowGiftRegistryQuantitiesIf this is set to true, customers can add the same product to their registry multiple times. If false, they can only have each item once.
DecrementGiftRegistryOnOrderIf this is set to true, when a customer adds an item from someone's registry to their cart and purchases it, the original item is removed from the registree's cart.

NOTE: Enabling this feature will also enable AllowMultipleShippingAddressPerOrder by default

Registry Use

Once the feature is enabled, product detail pages will have an "Add to Gift Registry" button to go with the standard "Add to Cart" and "Add to Wishlist" options.

After adding products to the registry, customers are taken to the following page, where they can view their registry contents and see a link that can be emailed to friends to access their registry.

NOTE: Items can be removed from the gift registry by changing the quantity to 0 and clicking the 'Update Gift Registry' button.

Searching the Registry

As shown above, registree's can send friends links that will take them directly to the products in their registry. If that link is not available, customers can search for friends on the giftregistrysearch.aspx page:

Note that the registree's gift registry settings (which they'll be able to set on the first visit to the registry) determine how this search returns results:

Setting NameUsage
I want my Gift Registry to be anonymousIf this is set to 'Yes' then customers cannot search for registrees by real name, they must search by nickname - set below.
If anonymous, I want to use this nickname for my gift registryThis is the nickname the customer will provide to search for if they need to remain anonymous.
I do NOT want other customers to be able to see my shipping addressIf this is set to 'Yes' then even when purchasing a gift for a registree, the purchaser will not see the shipping address.
I want other customers to be able to search for my gift registryIf this is set to 'No' then the customer's registry cannot be found through the search tool (by name or nickname), it can only be accessed by the link.

NOTE: In the Order Management when working with an order shipped to a Gift Registry address, the address may not be displayed in some circumstances. If so, go to the XML tab on the order and search for ShippingDetail