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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore


NOTE: These instructions pertain to ML8100 and MSx9200+ ONLY.

buySAFE is a 3rd party service that provides your store's customers with bonds, guaranteeing them:

  • Up to $25,000 insurance on their purchase
  • $10,000 ID Theft Protection for 30 days after the purchase
  • $100 Price Guarantee against changes to prices
Customers get a bond automatically after every purchase, and handle those bonds and claims against them directly with buySAFE.

Displaying the buySAFE seal on your site shows customers that you are a reputable merchant, and increases their confidence in shopping on your site.

Note that the activation steps below being a free 30-day trial. After that, there is a fee for offering buySAFE's seal and guarantee on your site. The fee varies by site. Contact buySAFE for pricing information.

Activating buySAFE

To turn buySAFE on, follow these quick easy steps:

1 - Make sure that at least one store with a valid production domain has been created under Configuration -> Store Maintenance (MSx9200+)
2 - Make sure that you have configured the email on your store.
3 - In the admin console, browse to Configuration -> Pricing and Promotions -> buySAFE.
4 - Click the orange 'Enable Free Trial' button.
5 - A 30 day trial account will be created for you, and the credentials will be emailed to the admin address you set up in step 2 above.
6 - Finally, make sure that the buySAFE skin token is in your site's skin. This token is 'pre-loaded' in the sample skin that comes with versions and higher, but customers who have upgraded or created their own skins will need to add this token manually. It should be formatted like this:

<asp:Literal ID="litBuySafeSeal" runat="server" Text='<%$ Tokens:BuySafeSeal %>' />

That's it! the buySAFE seal will now appear on your site, and customers will be given guarantee numbers when they complete orders.

Multiple Stores

If you are running multiple stores, buySAFE can track which orders came from which stores. When adding a new store, you can check the 'Add to buySAFE' box to have that store added to your account automatically. You can also add stores manually through your buySAFE account.

Optional Settings

There are several buySAFE settings which can be adjusted to suit your site's needs:

  • BuySafe.DisableAddoToCartKicker - Setting this to true will disable the buySAFE guarantee information that is shown to customers on product pages.
  • BuySafe.KickerType - Changing this will change the type of buySAFE guarantee display that is shown to customers throughout your site. There is a list of types you can use at http://www.buysafe.com/web/general/kickerpreview.aspx.

buySAFE Sandbox

Testing buySAFE in sandbox mode is not generally required, as there's no action required for individual items and the first 30 days are free. If desired, however, the integration can be tested against buySAFE's sandbox environment.

1 - Add a new AppConfig called 'BuySafe.UseSandbox' and set it to true.
2 - Set the 'BuySafe.RollOverJSLocation' GlobalConfig to “https://sb.buysafe.com/private/rollover/rollover.js”. Remember to keep a backup of the live value, and change this back when going live!