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This article applies to: MultiStore

Micro images and/or swatch do not change medium image when clicked or rolled over

When properly set up, clicking the micro images or swatch colors (or rolling over the micro images when AppConfig: UseRolloverForMultiNav is true) does not change the medium image in some browsers.

The AppConfig: Zoomify.Active has been set to true without valid Zoomify content being created. If it is only the swatch image that does not change the medium image when clicked, then the Swatch Image Map may be missing or invalid.

Set the AppConfig: Zoomify.Active to false, or create valid Zoomify content.

If the Swatch Image Map is missing, follow the procedure for creating the Swatch Image and Image Map. If the Swatch Image Map requires replacing, then the current data will need to be deleted from the database first from the SwatchImageMap column of the Product table for the product.