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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

How do I undelete a deleted customer?

In the Admin console Customers > View/Edit Customers and Users menu customers can be 'soft' deleted, where their account records, orders, and customer stats will remain in the DB, but their account will be disabled and their record will not appear in the View/Edit Customers and Users grid. When this is done, the customer can be enabled again if desired.

This can be accomplished by running the following query in the Admin console Configuration > Advanced > Run SQL window
(Copy/Paste the following into your Run SQL window, replace the xxx with the deleted Customer's Email adress, press Submit ):

UPDATE Customer
SET Deleted='0'
WHERE Email='deleted_xxx'

In place of WHERE Email='deleted_xxx' you can use WHERE CustomerID='xxx' if it is known, or may be necessary for sites with duplicate emails allowed.