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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Notes for installation on multi-server / server farm / cloud environments

There are a few considerations for sites hosted on a multi-server/server farm/cloud environments concerning licensing and user sessions.

Licensing -
    As long as all servers resolve to the same address, only one license key is needed. Copy the key to the /images folder on all servers.

    NOTE: If your load balancing solution delivers requests to the application from a 3rd IP or some other domain name, then the license check will fail. Every request to the application has to match the domain you created the key for.

Sessions -
    Multi-server / server farm environments should use 'sticky' sessions (also known as session affinity), where the session remains on the same server it was originated.
Load Balancers -
    Server farms are fully supported. When selecting a load balancing technology we strongly recommend using a quality hardware load balancer. Likewise, we do not recommend the use of software load balancing technologies (such as Microsoft network load balancing) at all. These tend to be problematic.