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This article applies to: MultiStore

How to vary the default locale/currency per store

MultiStore has the ability to set a different default locale and currency for each store if desired. The drop down locale and currency menus will be defaulted to the locale and currency set in the storefront when each store is browsed.

Follow this procedure to establish the default locale and currency per store in MultiStore.

NOTE: If your currencies and locales are already established, skip to step 3:

  1. Create and Publish the currencies to be utilized by the locales.
  2. Create and install the locales and language packs.
  3. Set the following AppConfigs for each store: Localization.StoreCurrency, Localization.StoreCurrencyNumericCode, and DefaultLocale
  4. Edit the products for each locale (the locale selection is in the upper right).

NOTE: If you have shared products across stores that will have varying prices per store, they will require cloning, then mapped to the appropriate store.

NOTE: You can change which currency is used when transactions are sent to the gateway for each "MoreStore" site by setting store-specific values in the Localization.StoreCurrency and Localization.StoreCurrencyNumericCode AppConfigs, but it is not generally recommended to do this. Since product price cannot currently vary by store, it is best to stick with one currency, or at most use additional currencies for display purposes only. Doing more than that can lead to confusion in what the base price of a product is, and what will really be sent to the gateway and show up on the customers' receipts.