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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Swatch Image appears too large and does not map correctly

After creating a Swatch Image and Image Map on the Add/Edit Product > Images tab, the Swatch Image appears to be zoomed and cropped on the storefront and the color mapping does not work right when clicking on the Swatch Image.

The Swatch Image was added using the Color Swatch: text box or Browse button instead of the instructed method when the AppConfig: MultiColorMakesSwatchAndMap is set to true

On the Add/Edit Product > Images tab click the Large Multi-Image Manager link and select Update at the bottom of the window, then Close Window.
For editions ML8 / 9: Now click the Update button on the main Images page and your Swatch Image should be correct.
For MultiStore CANCEL or Close out the main product images window. Saving this window will retain the current image map.