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The Portuguese postal code format is now respected by form validation.

Items placed in the shopping cart remain in place until checkout, now, whether or not the locale is changed.

The handling of decimal rounding is now accurate in currencies where a comma is used as a decimal separator, as well as in countries where a period is used for decimal separation.

“Empty Cart” messages now translate according to locale.

The active locale is now accurately collecting images and buttons to match.

Customer locales can now be edited from the view/edit customer page.

Improved messaging during a change of currency by a shopper from one locale to another.


Real time shipping calculations honor duplicate “ship separately” items in a shopping cart.

The setting “DisallowShippingToPOBoxes” works as expected.

When a shopper has an address or a cart which does not conform to any of the established shipping methods, the error messaging is now improved.

Fedex rates honor recent changes in the API.

USPS honors RateV4 as requested at www.usps.com/webtools/technical.htm


Image buttons are now more fully respected in the checkout process.

Improved image watermarking.

Out of box theme has been modified, new hometopintro.

Captcha has been successfully tested for case-sensitivity throughout the cart.

The popup page now honors the external style sheet.

WSI now more successfully passes entity data to entity.grid.xml.config.

Pagination within an entity is now working as expected.

Multi-variant products can now display “larger images” in a popup for each of the variants using XML config product.variantsintableexpanded.xml.config.

The backup “noimage.gif” is now more intelligently positioned to cover for missed or removed images.

The 'Phone' field is now marked with a * to indicate it is a required field during account creation.


Order notes are persisted throughout the checkout and into the order queue.

It is now more intuitive for a shopper to continue shopping after adding an item to the wishlist.

The conflict between the use of the Ajax mini cart and AddToCart in entity.tableexpanded2.xml.config is now resolved.

Improved management of “order options” (items added at checkout).

The element of the platform which allows products to be “downloads” now honors a full path for the download location, which allows the store-owner to store elements both on-site and off-site.

Conflict between settings, which traditionally led to confusion over the use of a password during one page anonymous checkout has been resolved. A password is now requested if either of the following settings requires a password: PasswordIsOptionalDuringCheckout or HidePasswordFieldDuringCheckout.


All three out-of-box sitemaps (sitemap, sitemap2 and googleindex) are working with relational entities and locales. Unpublished entities and their subs do not have their products displaying on the sitemaps.

When the out-of-box debugging mechanism is turned on, image management still works well.

A product that requires registration is displayed accurately and moves into the shopping cart as expected.

The “suite” in the customer address can accurately be turned on and off.

Products with their own spec sheets are now also handled on product.variantsinDropDown.xml.config.

Products which formerly had “sticky” image maps now get cleared out on admin request.

Field validation on the contact page is significantly improved.

The use of the wildcard * symbol within a generated password was confusing and has now been removed from the generator.


Upsell items are more intuitively and reliably seen to be added to the shopping cart.

Improved use of upsell promotions within the shoppingcart page.

Payment Gateways and Payment Methods

Gateways which are known to treat 3DSecure validation with ECI handled separately are now delivering the anticipated code, so that credit cards are accurately authenticated with or without 3DSecure turned on.

If a storeowner elects to store credit cards (not recommended), refunds will now function as expected with all known gateways.

We support the new PayPayPalPro Amex requirements as at https://merchant.paypal.com/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=merchant/amexupdate.

MicroPay balances for accounts can be managed by the storeowner.

Skipjack payment gateway has an improved implementation.

Authorize.net integration has now been further strengthened, such that recurring orders with a value in 4 decimal places are now accurately accepted.

Payment method messages now honor HTML.


Out of box search has been made more robust when special characters and minimum length validation are both in use.

Search now accurately positions all entities to which the resulting products are mapped.

Admin Console

There have been problems with “edit kit” and the management of inventory on screen . This is now solved.

MicroPay balances for accounts can be managed by the storeowner.

Kit items with restricted quantities can now be successfully managed by the store owner. Also, the management of variants on kit items has been improved.


Entity paging is now implemented to improve performance.