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This article applies to: MultiStore

Telerik RadEditor Image Manager (and Media Manager, etc) Throwing 500 Error

When clicking on the image manager, media manager, document manager, etc. icons in the RadEditor a 500 error is displayed and a dialog with the following message is presented:

Web.config registration missing!
The Telerik dialogs require a HttpHandler registration in the web.config file...

The Telerik RadEditor requires to be run in 'Integrated' Managed Pipeline Mode in IIS, but IIS is set to run the storefront's app pool in 'Classic' Managed Pipeline Mode, as it should be.

Be sure that preCondition="integratedMode" is within the Telerik <handlers> in the web.config file.

Example: <add name="Telerik_Web_UI_DialogHandler_aspx" path="Telerik.Web.UI.DialogHandler.aspx" type="Telerik.Web.UI.DialogHandler" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" />