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Mobile Device Handling for and earlier

Please Note: This article discusses the built-in mobile functionality of the v9 software. If you are using the Mobile Plug-In created by VORTX with its extended features, please see this page instead. For customers on 9.3 or higher with its newer built-in mobile functionality, see here.

The built-in mobile functionality detects if the current customer is using a mobile device and if so, displays the site in a special skin that has been designed for smaller screens and lower bandwidths. That skin can be customized like any other, by modifying the 'MobileSkin_1' skin that comes preloaded in your {root}/App_Templates folder (and mobile styles and images in your {root}/App_Themes/MobileSkin_1 folder) .

The mobile detection is done by looking at the customer's browser user agent, which contains information about the customer's browser, device, addons, etc. That user agent is compared to a list of strings that are commonly found in the user agents of mobile devices - strings like 'iphone', 'blackberry', 'palm', etc. Those strings are stored in the MobileDevices table in your storefront database, so they can be edited, removed, or expanded.

If a user is sent to the built-in mobile skin, they will not be able to check out on the site. The mobile skin allows them to browse your products, read your content pages, and add to the wishlist if they already have an account on your site (for later purchasing from a desktop). The checkout process is disabled.

NOTE: To disable the built-in mobile functionality (mobile devices will then display the standard site), follow the instructions in this article