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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

‘Encrypt’ is ambiguous in the namespace ‘AspDotNetStorefrontEncrypt’

Compiler Error Message: BC30560:‘Encrypt’ is ambiguous in the namespace ‘AspDotNetStorefrontEncrypt’.

Line 43: Response.Redirect("cst_account.aspx?customerid=" & TargetCustomer.CustomerID.ToString() & "&errormsg=" & Server.UrlEncode(AppLogic.GetString("cst_account_process.aspx.2", TargetCustomer.SkinID, TargetCustomer.LocaleSetting)))
Line 44: Else
Line 45: Dim p As New Password(AspDotNetStorefrontEncrypt.Encrypt.CreateRandomStrongPassword(8))
Line 46:
Line 47: Try

Source File: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\AspDotNetStoreFront\Web\admin\cst_account_process.aspx.vb Line: 45

The software returns the ambiguous error since there are two Encrypt.dll files ('AspDotNetStorefrontEncrypt.dll and 'ASPDNSFEncrypt.dll) in your /bin folder. If you are upgrading from a lower to a higher version, make sure to remove all the old website files prior to uploading the new build as stated here, because there are files that have become obsolete or omitted already.

Navigate to the /BIN folder of the site’s root directory, locate the file ‘AspDotNetStorefrontEncrypt.dll’ and remove it from there, make sure that the ASPDNSFEncrypt.dll remains.  But before deleting the .dll file make sure you have a full working backup of both the contents of the site and the database.