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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

PayPal Standard Instant Payment Notifications

My PayPal Standard account lists orders that do not appear in my storefront admin site. After a customer completes the transaction on PayPal’s site, your storefront has to be notified of the transaction, or it has no idea that the order completed.

There are 2 ways this notification can take place:

1 – You can enable PayPal’s forwarding service on your PayPal account. This will try to redirect customers back to your site once they are done with PayPal. This is configured on PayPal’s end. When prompted for a URL to direct customers to, you should use http://www.yoursite.com/paypalok.aspx

Note: This redirect can sometimes fail. Customers can always decide to go to another site instead or close their browser before it can complete. If you are using this method, be sure to check your PayPal account regularly.

2 – The preferred method to use is PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification service (IPN). This sends a notification of completed orders to your storefront, without redirecting the customer there. Once this service is enabled on PayPal’s end, set your “Paypal.UseInstantNotification” AppConfig to true.

NOTE: You should also set the PayPal.ReturnOKURL AppConfig to a custom topic page that complies with PayPal's terms and conditions such as pps_return.aspx once you have enabled the IPN service, or duplicate orders can get created.

To enable the IPN in PayPal, follow these steps: