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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

HTML Tags Are Stripped from Custom Pages During Display

After developing a custom ASPX page that is displayed using the ASPDNSF skinning engine, some elements may be stripped from the beginning and end of the page.  This may result in a wide range of display issues, especially in skins relying heavily on tables or DIV tabs to format the page.

This behavior is by design.  The ASPDNSF skinning engine was built with the ability to remove extraneous or inappropriate tags from pages rendered within it.  This often includes things like <HTML>, <BODY>, Meta tags, and others that could cause rendering issues in browsers.  In order to accomplish this, the skinning engine attempts to strip out anything before a tag with the runat="server" property is encountered.  In addition, it also attempts to remove any corresponding end tags.

Ensure that the first element on the page to be displayed has the runat="server" property, even if it is a simple HTML element.