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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

When can I capture, void, or refund an order?

Orders can be captured, voided, or refunded depending on their current Transaction State.

- If the Transaction State is AUTHORIZED, there will be buttons to Void and Capture the order
- If the Transaction State is CAPTURED, there will be a Refund button

When an order is already AUTHORIZED (the credit card or eCheck info has been validated), Capture is used to collect the funds from the customer.  This works for ALL payment methods to mark the order as paid.

Void cancels an order that has NOT been Captured, and only works if the storefront is in Live mode.  Orders can only be voided before they settle with the gateway, and each gateway has different rules/times for settling transactions.

Refunds can only be performed on Captured orders, and only work if the storefront is live.

NOTE: Not all gateways support void/capture/refund.  It is a good idea to consider these functions when choosing a gateway.