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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Changing the Starting Order Number

Some sites want to start with a different order number than the default (10000)

WARNING:  This can have adverse effects on your data!!  Back up all data before proceeding and test thoroughly afterwards.

The procedure is very simple, however there are a a few things to take into account.  Your new seed (starting number) must either be higher than the highest existing order number, or you must take steps to remove all currently existing orders from within the store.

If you do not do this properly, there is the very real possibility that you could run into data consistency errors in the future.  We recommend only performing this if there is a genuine need (such as integration with other software).

Run the following command against your ASPDNSF database, where 500000 is the number you want to use:

dbcc checkident(OrderNumbers, reseed, 500000)