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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Always redirected to refuse.htm page when accessing the site

When you are always redirected to the refuse.htm page, the only way to work around this is to manually execute a DELETE command against the RestrictedIP table in your database and remove the row(s) or IP that you want to allow access to your site.

Open up a new query in your SQL Server Management Studio.

Run the sql statement below against RestrictedIP table in your database:

DELETE FROM dbo.RestrictedIP where IPAddress = ‘YourIP’

More Information
This occurs in two ways:

1 -    If an IP address has more failed transactions than specified in Appconfig: IPAddress.MaxFailedTransactions, it will be added automatically to the restricted IP Address list (table) and orders from that IP address will not be allowed. They will not even be sent to the gateway. An "Order Declined, Please Contact Us" message will just be sent back to the user on the site. The next time this customer accesses the site, he/she will be redirected to refuse.htm page.

2 -    The IP address was manually banned, as directed at How do I restrict certain IP addresses from accessing our site KB