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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Handling PayPal/PayPal Express Orders Through the Admin Site

PayPal orders can now be refunded and otherwise treated similar to credit card payments processed through a gateway

In order to make use of this functionality you must enable API access in your Verified PayPal Business Account and set the PayPal.API* AppConfig variables in the store front. To enable API access:

1 - Log in to your Verified PayPal Business account.
2 - Select the Profile tab.
3 - Under Account Information select API Access.
4 - Choose the Request API Credentials option.
5 - Choose the API Signature credential type and submit the request.
6 - Make note of the displayed information for use in configuring the store front PayPal.API* AppConfig variables.

PayPal orders now follow the same Transaction Mode setting as credit card payments, meaning that when the Transaction Mode is set to AUTH, PayPal will place a hold on the funds but they will not be transferred until a Capture is performed.

It is recommended that the PayPal Express payment method be used instead of the standard PayPal payment method. PayPal Express checkout requires the use of the PayPal API as outlined above. However, if you require accepting credit card payments through PayPal without the customer signing up for a PayPal account, then the standard PayPal payment method must be used.

When standard PayPal payments are being used payments will be processed reliably if the PayPal.UseInstantNotification AppConfig value is set to true, even if the customer does not return to the store at the end of the payment process on PayPal.com.

There is a new AppConfig variable called PayPal.RequireConfirmedAddress. When this is true, the customer will be prompted to choose a shipping address from their PayPal profile information instead of using the shipping address on file in their store front account. It is recommended that this be set to true for PayPal Seller Protection.