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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

PayPal receipt does not list the line items, only the total order amount

When customers checkout using PayPal Standard, the receipt that they get only lists one line item that gives out the order number and total amount.  It does not list down in detail the items purchased by the customer.

PayPal Standard doesn't support all the things that AspDotNetStorefront does, so when they try to add orders on their own, they don't always come up with the right computation.  One of the things that PayPal does not support is Order Level coupons, AspDotNetStorefront cannot send over a line item with a negative value.  In this case, the customer would either lose the coupon, which won't make them happy, or AspDotNetStorefront would need to calculate the discount and split it amongst all the products and hope that rounding works out.  This will become a problem because now the receipt won't match the PayPal receipt.  To prevent this situation, AspDotNetStorefront simply sends one line item that is equal to the cart's total and contains the order number.  The order details may always be viewed in the admin site.