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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8

Enabling Entity Page Filters

This article discusses how to enable entity level filters, which is an *unsupported* ML feature that allows customers to filter entity pages (eg. categories, departments) by manufacturer, product type, etc.

To enable entity page filtering, you will need to create three new AppConfigs.  This can be done by going to Admin --> Misc --> AppConfig parameters.  The AppConfigs you will need to create are:




These can be enabled (set to TRUE) either individually or concurrently depending on the filtering options you want your customers to have.  Entity page filtering will display a category dropdown on department pages so that customers can filter the department products by category, and vice versa.  Manufacturer filtering will display a manufacturer dropdown box on category and department pages, so customers can filter that category's products by manufacturer.  Product type filtering will allow all entities to be filtered by available product type.

Ensure that you reset cache after adding the necessary AppConfig parameters to ensure that your changes take affect.