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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Capture Method Not Supported for WorldPay Junior

Upon clicking the Capture Order and Void Order buttons, a small popup displays the following error messages "CAPTURE METHOD NOT SUPPORTED FOR WORLDPAY JUNIOR" and "VOID METHOD NOT SUPPORTED FOR WORLDPAY JUNIOR".

The website is set in AUTH mode and not AUTH CAPTURE mode.

Since the Force Capture functionality has been discontinued in version 7.1, orders that are placed in AUTH mode can be captured using the WorldPay Remote Admin functionality.

Note that the order status that shows in ASPDNSF admin site is not necessary the order's actual status, as WorldPay does not provide an API to notify the software of status changes.  If the TransactionMode AppConfig is set to AUTH then WorldPay orders will be 'Authorized' immediately after the order is placed.  If TransactionMode is set to AUTH CAPTURE, those new orders will show as 'Captured'.

Check out the WorldPay site for further discussion of this functionality.