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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8

Restricting admin users to certain tasks

Some sites will need to limit the sections of the admin site that admin users can access.

In the admin/skins/skin_1 directory there is a “menudata.xml” file. Copy that file and paste it using another name, “newmenu.xml” for example.

Next, go to your admin site, and under 'Users' --> 'View/Edit Customers' find the admin user you would like to restrict and click on their customer ID. At the bottom of the “Account & Contact Info” section in the “Notes” field, type in newmenu.xml (or whatever you named your file). That user’s account will now use that menu.

You can edit the “newmenu.xml” and customize it for each admin user by removing unwanted menu items from the list. You can have as many xml files as you have administrators on your site. 

On the admin home page there is also a common links section that has a link to "View/Manage Customers".  You may have to modify splash.aspx/splash.aspx.cs(.vb) to remove that link and to keep customers from modifying their own Notes section in their account or accessing any other of the common links.  You can also specifically give every admin their own randomly named xml file (i.e. 02938475029384752345.xml) and delete the Admin/skins/skin_1/menudata.xml file.  That way an admin user can't guess another xml file name and gain access to something that they shouldn't.  Be careful though...if you create an admin user and don't assign them an xml file...and you've already deleted menudata.xml the page will throw a hard error.