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This article applies to: ML v7

FedEx RealTime Shipping Tips for Oversized Packages

FedEx and other carriers use a “dimensional weight” system, which charges more for large, low-density packages than would normally be charged based solely on weight.  This can result in merchants being charged more to ship these kinds of packages than the normal FedEx gateway indicates, since package dimensions aren’t taken into account when RealTime rates are generated.  To compensate for oversize packages, a special formula can be used to determine a “billable weight” for oversized items

Note: This only applies to versions of the software prior to  FedEx uses dimensions normally after that version.

The FedEx RealTime rates engine makes the following assumptions for all products not marked as "Free Shipping":
     - You are shipping the package tomorrow
     - You have a daily pickup (not dropping the packages off)
     - All deliveries are Commercial (not residential)
     - Dimensions are not passed to FedEx
To adjust for this, test your product with the following formula.  If the result is greater than the actual weight, use that value for the variant weight, and RTS will return a rate closer to what FedEx will actually charge:
Billable weight = (L * W * H) / 194
NOTE: Items need to be marked as “Ship separately” for this method to work