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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

How To View String Resource Name Instead Of String Resource Value On Site

When designing/configuring your site, you would like to see the actual string resource names (i.e. common.cs.78) instead of the actual value of the string resource.

NOTE: Do not do this on a LIVE site, as it displays the string resource names throughout the entire site.

Create a new appconfig parameter by going to the AppConfig Parameter page in the admin section.  In the top left corner set the Config Name to ShowStringResourceKeys, the Config Value to true, Advanced Settings to boolean value type, and select SITEDISPLAY from the dropdown box.  Then click the ADD button.  Then click the Reset Cache link at the top of the admin page.

To reverse the procedure, log into the admin section and go to (!admin.menu.AppConfigParameters!).  Type ShowStringResourceKeys into the Config Search box and click the Search button.  Set the value of the appconfig parameter ShowStringResourceKeys to false, then click the Reset Cache link at the top of the admin page.