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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Order Appears to be Missing

This article describes why an order may appear to be missing within your AspDotNetStorefront Admin Site.

Possible Causes
There are a variety of different actions and/or conditions that may cause an order to appear to be missing within AspDotNetStorefront.  The most common causes are:

- The order was deleted by another admin user.  Versions prior to allows an admin to delete an order, removing all traces of it.
- The order was not completed by the customer, and the customer did not recognize that the transaction failed.
- The order was placed using a gateway that does not function in real-time (for example PayPal, Worldpay Junior, 2Checkout) and the customer did not return to your website to complete the order, or the post back from the gateway failed.

Ensure that admin users are trained not to delete orders.  Admins will some times do this instead of refunding or voiding an order, however that is not the intended purposes of the delete function.  Live orders should ALWAYS be either voided, refunded, or force refunded so there is history of the order within the admin site.

Check the failed transaction log for any failures reported.  It is possible (though highly unlikely) that the gateway also sent us a response that the store didn't understand so the order was marked as a failure even though the gateway authorized or captured payment.  In the vast majority however, the transaction failed as a result of bad data being entered by the customer.

When using PayPal, ensure that AppConfig: PayPal.UseInstantNotification is set to true (versions or later).  This will allow PayPal to report a successful transaction back to your site without the user having to click the link to return to the site.  Due to changes in the PayPal API, customers using versions prior to should consider updating to a later version of AspDotNetStorefront to prevent future issues with PayPal transactions.