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This article applies to: ML v7

Larger Image Popup Shows as Icon

When viewing a product if you click on the image or you click on the View Larger Image link the image displays as the Icon image instead of the Large image even though they are in place correctly in Product Manager on the admin site


An error was made when the file wolthuis.aspx.cs was created as shown below:

LocaleSetting = Localization.CheckLocaleSettingForProperCase(LocaleSetting);

String ImgSize = CommonLogic.QueryStringCanBeDangerousContent("size");

if (ImgSize.Length == 0)

{ImgSize = "icon";}


NOTE: Make sure you backup the original wolthuis.aspx.cs file before making any changes

Navigate to [x]:\inetpub\wwwroot\AspDotNetStorefront\Web and edit the wolthuis.aspx.cs with a text editor such as notepad. Hit CTRL+F to do a find and type in "icon" and click next. Replace "icon" with "large" and save the file.