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This article applies to: ML v7

Attempted To Read Or Write Protected Memory

Accessing the site results in an "Attempted To Read Or Write Protected Memory" error.

There are 2 potential causes of this issue:

    1 - A site running a version of the ASPDNSF software older than is attempting to run in a medium-trust hosting environment.

    2 - A site running a version of the ASPDNSF software older than is running on a host that has just applied the .NET 3.5 SP1 upgrade to the servers.

NOTE: In both of these cases, the problem lies with the environment the software is running in, as configured by the host.  These are not flaws in the software, and are beyond our control.

The best solution (regardless of which of the 2 causes above is creating your issue) is to upgrade to version SP1 or higher of the ASPDNSF software.  Those later versions can run natively in medium-trust (thus avoiding issue #1) and work fine with the latest .NET service pack (which didn't even exist before then for us to test against).  

If upgrading is not an option at the moment, there are other workarounds for each possible cause.  Note that these are the ONLY workarounds.  We can provide no other advice than these steps:

Medium Trust:

    1 - First, have the host or server admin apply the Microsoft-created hotfix available at

    2 - Contact support and request a special medium-trust build of the software.  We will need a valid order number to provide that.

    3 - Move to a full-trust environment (this may mean switching hosts).

.NET 3.5 SP1 Patch:

    1 - Have the host roll back the changes on the server, or move your site to a server that has not had the patch applied.

NOTE: v7 software information is for legacy purposes only and service packs or patches are no longer available from the support Help Desk.