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This article applies to: ML v7, ML8, MultiStore

Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing - Legacy Only


The focus is on AspDotNetStorefront Legacy Licensing: ML or older, and MS or older.

For current versions of AspDotNetStoreFront, follow the instructions here.

Questions & Answers for Legacy Licenses

  1. How is AspDotNetStorefront licensed?

    AspDotNetStorefront is licensed per domain/per production site for legacy licenses only. This means that you can have a single store (production site) running on a single domain name per license. If you wish to have additional stores, or use additional domain names, each must have a separate license.

    Quantity discounts are offered for license purchases exceeding three licenses.

    For more detailed information on our license, please see http://www.aspdotnetstorefront.com/t-licensing.aspx. For our reseller/multiple license discount schedule, please see http://www.aspdotnetstorefront.com/t-resellerdiscounts.aspx.

  2. There is a message at the bottom of my site stating that I am running unlicensed or unactivated software. Why does this message appear and what can I do to remove it?

    AspDotNetStorefront is licensed by domain and by site. To remove the message, you must generate a license key for the domain/IP/hostname you are using to access the site. It is important that you are certain which URL you will be using to activate the site before generating a license key, as only one development, one staging and one production key may be generated per license.
  3. What do I have to do to activate my license?

    Follow the directions at http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-247-license-keys.aspx
  4. Can I put my store in a subdirectory/virtual directory without affecting licensing?

    Yes. The license is based on the domain name, not the full URL. Your key should be generated for just the domain name, leave off HTTP or any /foldernames.
  5. Will the license work with multiple domain names?

    No. The license works with only a single domain name.
  6. Can I use my software for a product site and a development/sandbox/staging site without purchasing two licenses?

    Absolutely. Our license allows for the software to be installed on one development web server or PC as well a production/live server.  We encourage all customers to thoroughly test their implementation in a sandbox before deploying the software to a live environment.
  7. When I upgrade my site, will I have to generate a new license key?

    In most cases, if the software version changes, then you'll need to retrieve and install a new license, after deleting the older license.

    Version to
    If you upgrade from to, then the same license key works for both versions.

    Version to
    If you upgrade from version to, then a new license key is required.

  8. I lost or deleted my license key. Can I retrieve a new one?
  9. Yes, you can click the Retrieve link on the mylicenses page to download the LICX file.

  10. Are their any limitations to development keys?

    Development keys may be generated for "localhost", an IP address, or a fully qualified domain name.
  11. I generated my development key for localhost. Can I access the site from another PC?

    You can access the site from another PC, however you will receive a message indicating that the site is running unlicensed or unactivated software.
  12. Can I make modifications to run multiple stores/sites off of a single domain, such as an online "mall" or to reflect different brands or divisions of my company?

    The ML versions of the software do not support multiple sites. However our MultiStore version allows you to run multiple sites through a single admin console.
  13. I purchased source code, but did not receive any of the licensing or application/session startup logic or application_beginrequest/endrequest logic. Shouldn't this be included?

    To prevent software piracy, all licensing logic has been placed in a separate library and source is not provided under any circumstances.  If you have requirements to perform specific tasks during the application start procedure, you may add these in the custom_applicationstart_logic, custom_application_beginrequest_logic, custom_application_error, etc. methods within our AppLogic class.
  14. Can I make modifications to remove licensing requirements if I purchase source code?

    No. We do not allow developers to turn off or otherwise circumvent our licensing requirements.  Unfortunately this is necessary due to software piracy.

  15. I am a merchant who is no longer using your software. Can I transfer the license to another person/company?

    Single AspDotNetStorefront licenses are non-transferrable unless they were purchased specifically for resale.
  16. I am a developer. Can I give my source code to my clients?

    If your client has purchased their own version of our source code, then you may share your files. If your client has not purchased source code, then you may share only compiled files with them.