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This article applies to: ML8

ComponentArt Web UI Update

The ComponentArt menu included in version of AspDotNetStorefront and earlier shipped with a version of the ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll that conflicts with Asp.Net Ajax. If you have modified your AspDotNetStorefront site to include Asp.Net Ajax features such as update panels you may have noticed javascript errors resulting from a confliction between the ComponentArt javascript and the Asp.Net Ajax javascript.

- javascript error: 'Sys.Application' is null or not an object

Download the update found here:

Web UI Update Installation Instructions:
1. Unzip the ComponentArt UI Update Package.
2. Make a backup. Backup your bin/ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll
3. Replace the bin/ComponentArt.Web.UI.dll with the one in the update package.
4. Also deploy the new ComponentArt.Web.UI.lic to your bin folder
5. Navigate to skins/componentart_webui_client/
6. Change the name of the “2007_1_1590” folder to “2008_2_1267”
7. Navigate to Admin/skins/componentart_webui_client/
8. Change the name of the “2007_1_1590” folder to “2008_2_1267” 
9. Reload your site in a browser and test out your ComponentArt menus on the front end and admin side of the website.