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This article applies to: ML v7

Hiding/Showing Products Based on Inventory Level

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On an entity page (category-level view), products with 0 inventory are shown (or not) based on the HideProductsWithLessThanThisInventoryLevel AppConfig.  If a value N is put in that AppConfig, products with an inventory < N will not be shown.  If you want all products to be shown, regardless of inventory level, set that AppConfig to 0.

NOTE: For multi-variant products, the inventory level for the default variant is  used to determine if a product is shown.  If the default variant has less than N, the product won’t be shown, even if other variants have inventory > N

On the product level (if the product is accessed through a search, or direct URL), the product will be shown regardless of the value in the above AppConfig.  The ShowInventoryTable AppConfig can be set to “true,” and the software will display the current quantity on hand on the product detail page. 

Unless the LimitCartToQuantityOnHand AppConfig is set to true as well, customers will still be able to add products with 0 inventory to the cart.  If that AppConfig is set to true, customers will only be able to add as many of the product to the cart as are on hand, or will get a popup message indicating that they exceeded the quantity on hand.

To get the product description page to show an “Out of Stock” message, the XML package being used to display the product would need to be modified slightly to test the inventory, and display that string instead of the Add to Cart button.  Note that newer versions of the software (8x and higher) have the built-in ability to display customizable "Out of Stock" messages.