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This article applies to: ML8, MultiStore

Thumbnail Rollover Images Not Displaying

After upgrading to version or higher, my product detail pages with multiple images show micro “No Image Available” images under my medium image.

This results from changes to the Image Resize features in that version.  The software now generates “micro” images to use for image selection instead of numbers for the customer to click on.  Because those weren’t created when the images were uploaded on the older versions, those images do not exist to be displayed.

The easiest solution is to set the “UseImagesForMultiNav” AppConfig to false.  This will make the software revert to the old behavior, and customers will just see numbers to click for the different images. 

If you wish to have the store create micro images for display, you will need to create a “micro” folder within the /images/product folder, and then all product images will have to be re-uploaded through the admin site.